History of Chinese Emperors – Names, Dynasties and Reigns

Chinese emperors history

China has been populated and ruled over since the 27th century BCE. Prior to Qin Shihuangdi proclaiming himself emperor in 221 BCE, China was ruled by families with kings as the head or ruler of a family gaand with that, an area of land.

From 475-221 BCE, these powerful families fought for land and supreme power. This time in China’s history, The Warring States period, saw a disunified country struggling to determine its future.

China’s emperors ruled for over 2000 years. Their reigns began during the time of the Roman Empire in the third century and ended near the beginning of the twentieth century.

Emperors were known as the “Son of Heaven” representing their bridge between the reality of life on earth and the spirit world or heaven.

China is derived from Qin (pronounced – Chin), which was the name of Emperor Qin Shihuangdi’s home state or area and the name of the first dynasty – the Qin (Chin) dynasty. The Chinese call their land, Middle Kingdom (Zhongguo or Chung-kuo) or Central Country.

Chinese Emperors: Names, Dynasties and Reigns
Dynasty Emperor Reign
Shen Nong (Yellow Emperor) (Huangdi) 2697-2597 BCE
Chin 859-376 BCE
Zhao 518-222 BCE
Qin Qin Shihuangdi 221-210 BCE
Er Shi 210-207 BCE
Western Han Gaodi 206-195 BCE
Huidi 195-188 BCE
Lu Hou 188-180 BCE
Wendi 180-157 BCE
Jingdi 157-141 BCE
Wudi 141-87 BCE
Zhaodi 87-74 BCE
Xuandi 74-49 BCE
Yuandi 49-33 BCE
Chengdi 33-7 BCE
Aidi 7-1 BCE
Pingdi 1 BCE – 6 CE
Ruzi 7-9 CE
Wang Mang 9-23 CE
Eastern Han Guang Wudi 25-57 CE
Mingdi 57-75 CE
Zhangdi 75-88 CE
Hedi 88-106 CE
Shangdi 106 CE
Andi 106-125 CE
Shundi 125-144 CE
Chongdi 144-145 CE
Zhidi 145-146 CE
Huandi 146-168 CE
Lingdi 168-189 CE
Xiandi 189-220 CE
The Three Kingdoms – Wei Wendi (Cao Pi) 220-226 CE
Mingdi 227-239 CE
Shaodi 240-253 CE
Gao Gui Xiang Gong 254-260 CE
Yuandi 260-264 CE
The Three Kingdoms – Wu Wudi 222-252 CE
Feidi 252-258 CE
Jingdi 258-264 CE
Modi 264-280 CE
The Three Kingdoms – Shu Han Xuande 221-223 CE
Hou Zhu 223-263 CE
Western Jin Wudi 265-289 CE
Huidi 290-306 CE
Huaidi 307-312 CE
Mindi 313-316 CE
Eastern Jin Yuandi 317-322 CE
Mingdi 323-325 CE
Chengdi 326-342 CE
Kangdi 343-344 CE
Mudi 345-361 CE
Aidi 362-365 CE
Hai Xi Gong 366-370 CE
Jian Wendi 371-372 CE
Xiao Wudi 373-396 CE
Andi 397-418 CE
Gongdi 419 CE
Liu Song Wudi 420-422 CE
Ying Yang Wang 423 CE
Wendi 424-453 CE
Xiao Wudi 454-464 CE
Mingdi 465-472 CE
Cang Wu Wang 473-476 CE
Shundi 477-479 BCE
Qi Gaodi 479-482 CE
Wudi 483-493 CE
Mingdi 494-498 CE
Dong Hunhou 499-500 CE
Hedi 501 CE
Liang Wudi 502-549 CE
Jian Wendi 550 CE
Yu Zhang Wang 551 CE
Yuandi 552-554 CE
Jingdi 555-556 CE
Chen Wudi 557-559 CE
Wendi 560-566 CE
Lin Hai Wang 567-568 CE
Xuandi 569-582 CE
Hou Zhu 583-589 CE
Sui Wendi 581-604 CE
Yangdi 604-617 CE
Gongdi 617-618 CE
Tang Gaozu 618-626 CE
Taizong 626-649 CE
Gaozong 649-683 CE
Zhongzong 684 and 705-710 CE
Ruizong 684-690 and 710-712 CE
Wu Zetian 690-705 CE
Xuanzong 712-756 CE
Suzong 756-762 CE
Daizong 762-779 CE
Dezong 779-805 CE
Shunzong 805 CE
Xianzong 805-820 CE
Muzong 820-824 CE
Jingzong 824-827 CE
Wenzong 827-840 CE
Wuzong 840-846 CE
Xuanzong 846-859 CE
Yizong 859-873 CE
Xizong 873-888 CE
Zhaozong 888-904 CE
Aidi (Zhaoxuan) 904-907 CE
Five Dynasties – Later Liang Taizu 907-910 CE
Modi 911-923 CE
Five Dynasties – Later Tang Zhuangzong 923-926 CE
Mingzong 926-934 CE
Feidi 934-935 CE
Five Dynasties – Later Jin Gaozu 936-944 CE
Chudi 944-947 CE
Five Dynasties – Later Han Gaozu 947-948 CE
Yindi 948-951 CE
Five Dynasties – Later Zhou Taizu 951-954 CE
Shizong 954-960 CE
Northern Song Taizu 960-976 CE
Taizong 976-997 CE
Zhenzong 998-1022 CE
Renzong 1022-1063 CE
Yingzong 1064-1067 CE
Shenzong 1068-1085 CE
Zhezong 1086-1101 CE
Huizong 1101-1125 CE
Qinzong 1126 CE
Southern Song Gaozong 1127-1162 CE
Xiaozong 1163-1190 CE
Guangzong 1190-1194 CE
Ningzong 1195-1224 CE
Lizong 1225-1264 CE
Duzong 1265-1274 CE
Gongzong 1275 CE
Duanzong 1276-1278 CE
Bing Di 1279 CE
Yuan Khubilai (Shizu) 1279-1294 CE
Temur Oljeitu (Chengzong) 1294-1307 CE
Khaishan (Wuzong) 1308-1311 CE
Ayurbarwada (Renzong) 1311-1320 CE
Shidebala (Yingzong) 1321-1323 CE
Yesun Temur (Taiding) 1323-1328 CE
Tugh Temur (Wenzong) 1328-1329 and 1329-1332 CE
Khoshila (Mingzong) 1329 CE
Toghon Temur (Shundi) 1333-1368 CE
Ming Hongwu 1368-1398 CE
Jianwen 1399-1402 CE
Yongle 1403-1424 CE
Hongxi 1425 CE
Xuande 1426-1435 CE
Zhengtong/Tianshun 1436-1449 and 1457-1464 CE
Jingtai 1450-1457 CE
Chenghua 1465-1487 CE
Hongzhi 1488-1505 CE
Zhengde 1506-1521 CE
Jiajing 1522-1567 CE
Longqing 1567-1572 CE
Wanli 1573-1620 CE
Taichang 1620 CE
Tianqi 1621-1627 CE
Chongzhen 1628-1644 CE
Qing Shunzhi 1644-1661 CE
Kangxi 1661-1722 CE
Yongzheng 1723-1735 CE
Qianlong 1736-1795 CE
Jiajing 1796-1820 CE
Daoguang 1821-1850 CE
Xianfeng 1857-1867 CE
Tongzhi 1862-1874 CE
Guangxu 1875-1908 CE
Puyi 1909-1911 CE

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